Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chief Information About Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

With the increasing number of skin cancer cases, Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion stands out as the only remedy to this global scourge. Known to be caused by excessive exposure to direct sun rays, skin cancer can be prevented by the simple use of the effective Sun Labs self tanning lotion. Cancer of the skin can also result from dry skin when exposed to ultraviolet sun rays.

These beauty enhancing products are convenient to use and are available in the local store or online. Sun Labs self tanning lotion for skin protection can be purchased over the counter because it is safe to use. Their effectiveness and efficacy are renowned world over, and dermatologists and beautician recommend it for all skin types irrespective of ones environment.

The skin requires moisture and lack of it leads to skin sagging and ageing. Sun Labs self tanning lotion provides the right moisture required for the skin to shed dead cells and build protection against acne development. Exposure to induced or natural heat on the other hand cracks the skin opening it up for germs and bacteria.

For controlled usage, using Sun Labs self tanning lotion at home helps in saving money since the local beautician will charge application fees and they do not let you carry the product home. On the other hand, Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion comes in different sizes and scents for different tastes and lifestyles. Whether using it at home or at the local salon, the self tanner setting time is quite convenient.

Tanning lotions work differently on different people a factor taken care of by the wonder Sun Labs self tanning lotion. As much as there are many beauty products available, not all of them are authentic or give the desired results. People with light skin may get different results compared with dark skins, and this particular self tanner takes care of the fact.

Sun Labs self tanning lotion construction ensures that the ingredients that go into it are user friendly and have no known side effects. Most competing products use paint and dye, which stains rather than tan, and they take longer to set after applying. When applying the self tanner, avoid exposing it to the eyes as it might irritate them.

Before using the lotion, reading the instructions is the best way to know the ingredients of Sun Labs self tanning lotion. Many self tanners in the market come with trace elements that react with some skins thus it is very important to go through the label. This is a product certified by FDA as safe to use for all ages and gender.

The benefit of using the authentic Sun Labs self tanning lotion is that it gives an incredible bronze complexion without damaging the skin due to its sunscreen properties. When used consistently, the result is healthy silky skin for longer. For the first time user, consulting a qualified beautician yields even better results.

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