Sunday, March 12, 2017

Facial Fillers Guides And Important Information

By Stephanie Snyder

As the face ages, it loses fat and muscles move closer towards the skin that makes the facial lines evident. It also loses volume when the skin stretches a bit due to aging. There are other factors as well that contribute to skin aging like exposure in the sun and lifestyle.

There are ways to help you bring back the youthfulness of your face. One of the best ways in doing this by facial fillers Seattle. Here are some things you need to know about it before deciding to get one yourself.

Facial fillers are also called dermal fillers which are either synthetic or natural that is injected into the skin directly. They are used in plumping an area up to reduce or remove wrinkles, gauntness and depressions. The difference between this and Botox is that Botox relaxes the facial muscles instead while this smooths out and gives volume to the face. Using both is possible to get a very young looking face.

Natural fillers have lesser risk to cause an allergic reaction but sometimes they do happen. You can see the results immediately but it will only lasts for a short while, ranging from three months to almost two years. When it starts to dissolve, you need to get more injected to preserve results. This also has risks of bulging and movement but because it dissolves within a shorter time so problems rarely arise.

Synthetic fillers last longer and sometimes can be considered permanent because they do not really dissolve. But because the skin continues aging or are not properly protected from sun damage, wrinkles can still return. The risks of having allergic reactions are the same with the natural ones but the problem may probably be permanent because it is harder to correct.

It is better to use natural than the synthetic ones because the face continues to change as you age. The natural ones could just be dissolved anytime and you can then inject a newer one to keep your young look. Meanwhile, the synthetic ones are permanent and cannot be removed so when the face ages, it changes shape and it may not look good on you anymore.

Despite what the news has been saying, no fillers have been thought of as the best one. It depends really on the doctor and his capabilities, skills and techniques used and the facial needs you have along with your tolerance. Selecting the doctor is still the best option rather than choosing a popular brand to use on the procedures.

The procedure usually last for more or less than thirty minutes excluding the consultation so you can do this procedure during lunch breaks. Only registered nurses and doctors are able to inject so be careful of those suspicious practitioners who may buy their products online and might not be an approved one. Ask them their experiences and how many injections they do in a year and if it does not reach at least a hundred then they may not be a good choice.

Wearing make up is not advisable so your natural look can be seen by the doctor. There are many cheap deals but be careful of them. What you pay for is usually what you get.

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