Monday, October 31, 2016

Information On All Natural Organic Skin Care Product

By Karen Gibson

The market today is filled with several thousands of cosmetic products, presenting consumers with a wide variety to pick from. New ingredients, formulations, and products keep being introduced into the market. Most people choose products depending on the perceived results and ingredients. This article will present information on why it is important to stop using products that contain non-natural ingredients.

It is important to be careful with how one selects the kind of cosmetic products they apply because of the ingredients incorporated into them. There are several different benefits that can be derived from using cosmetic products that use non-natural ingredients. However, at the same time, these products present even deadlier disadvantages. That has driven some people to adopt all natural organic skin care product counterparts over the non-natural ones.

The support for using natural cosmetic products is backed by several reasons. Research has determined that over 200 different toxic ingredients are used by an average woman through cosmetic and personal products they use. According to another research, manufacturers include more than 10500 industrial chemicals in cosmetic products. These chemicals can have adverse effects on the human body when they are consumed in considerable amounts.

The various chemicals cause learning disabilities, birth defects, skin allergies, reproductive problems, and infertility among many others. The advice to use natural products is because whatever substance people apply on their skins end up entering their body systems. According to research, up to sixty percent of the chemicals applied enter the bloodstream. The exact percentage cannot be specified, but the fact is that chemicals, whatever the quantity are harmful to the body.

Users also consumed chemicals through their mouths through hand creams and lipsticks they apply. Powders and spray fumes are consumed through inhalation. When these substances reach various body systems, they start to cause the negative effects named above. Unborn children may be affected by some of these effects. Switching to naturally available alternative can help reduce contamination and toxicity caused by these products.

The skin care industry is not just affecting the body, it is also causing enough pollution to the planet as a whole in many ways. Thousands of plastic bottles in which these products are packed end up in landfills. Phtalates that are contained in the products may also find their way into water systems where they would affect aquatic life. Nano-particles cause disruption to the marine environment. Lowering consumption of the products would lower the effects a lot.

Lack of regulation is widespread in the skin care industry. Manufacturers deceive consumers using labels and claims and are not straightforward about ingredients. The language in this industry is aimed at achieving higher sales volumes other than consumer knowledge. Manufacturers are allowed to omit ingredients in their labels if the ingredients can be classified as trade secrets.

Using these products extensively is also associated with several medical complications and conditions. It has been proven that parabens and phthalates cause endocrine disruption. Production problems are also known to occur as a result of consumption in huge amounts. Delayed puberty and various forms of cancer are additional effects.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Ph Balanced Facial Cleanser Women Love

By Ann Turner

Your skin is one of your greatest assets. You only have one and it can never be replaced. This means that you have to take extra special care of it. There are many things that have damaging effects in the skin, such as the sun, air conditioners and harsh creams and make up. If you want to preserve your skin and have it looking healthier for longer then, you must ensure that you use the gentles ph balanced facial cleanser.

Anyone who wants better looking skin should use best practices when cleansing and moisturizing your skin. If you are young it is better to start taking care of your skin from now and if you are older then this is all the more reason why you should be taking care of our skin. Using this product will balance the ph levels in your skin, making it look and feel healthier.

These specific products that are good for your ski is close to your skins natural ph and therefore is not harsh or bad for your skin. It is gentle on the skin and Regulates the skin so to speak. You can also use natural ingredients on your skin as this is the best thing.

You can find this product in various beauty stores and retail outlets. You may even shop online ans check if they are available from online beauty retailers. If you can find it in a normal supermarket then its even more convenient as you as you save yourself a trip to another store.

Start teaching kids good skin care habits from as early as they can understand or comprehend what you are saying. If you teach them the basics, like moisturizing and using sun screen then it will stay with them until the are adults.

There are so many things tat are damaging to the skin, such as the sun and harsh products. Things like sitting in an air conditioned office the entire day can also make the skin dry and dehydrated. So try to keep it supple by drinking plenty of water all day long.

Speak to a consultant at a beauty store or a dermatologist to find out what products you should be using for your skin type. They will assess your skin and let you know exactly what to use on your skin. Also, if you do not have the cash, you can try natural ingredient as well.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and also the only one you can't replace. So take good care of it from as young as possible. Use natural ingredients as often as possible and cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin. Make sure that you use sun screen to shield your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Drink plenty of water to hydrate skin and keep it looking youthful and supple. If you can practice these simple steps then you are on your way to healthier skin already.

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